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    Landscaping and Earthmoving requirements

    Hi, my name is Colin. I bring over 25 years of experience in which time I have built up a reputation for reliability and expert quality service. Call us today for an onsite consultation. Most of the work in progress is at an hourly rate or an agreed estimated contract.


    Phone me on 021 970 398 or email me on kilma@xtra.co.nz for a free quote or estimate.


    We Work For :

    • Lifestyle Block Owners
    • Commercial Sites
    • Residential Property Owners
    • Contractors & Tradesmen

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  • Services and Projects

    Specializing in lawn preparation, section clearing, small excavations and landscaping. If you need your section cleared ready for building, your basement dug out ready for renovation or your garden levelled ready for the new lawn give us a call.

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    Base Fills / Levelling & compaction

    We work with others to complete any job on time

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    Metal and Topsoil Supplies

    We have suppliers all over Auckland

    If you need metal or topsoil delivered we have our own truck. Then we can spread and prepare ready for your next project,

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    Back Filling

    High reach, large bucket

    Back filling is no problem for our bobcat. It's can go over 2 meters high and move 6 cubic meter per minute making the bobcat the ideal choice for back filling.

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    Section Clearing

    Get it sorted before summer

    Have you been putting off your next big project because your yard is a mess? We can clear out off the junk, haul it away and then prepare the ground ready for lawn or gravel. Have it gone in a day. Call us now.

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    Truck Chartage

    Trees, rocks or anything you need

    We can deliver anything to anywhere with our six-ton truck. We can carry 6 cubic meters at a time making us your best choice truck cartage based in Auckland.

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    Concrete and Rubbish Removal

    We cleanup after ourselves

    After and during the job, we can clear away all the rubbish including concrete and rocks. You won't have to worry about having to deal with multiple contractors as we will handle it all.

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    New or existing

    Creating a new driveway or upgrading your existing accessway. We know what we are doing when it comes to forming the correct foundation experience and knowledge. A good foundation will make your driveway last for years.

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    Under-House excavation

    Just 2 meter clearance

    With our low clearance of just 2 meters and our fast movability, we can get your under house excavation done on time and ready for floor prep.

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    House digs and floor foundations

    Level ready for the new house

    SLoping sections are no problems for Kilmartin Bobcats. Can work with engineers and other contractors to get the job completed ready for the new build.

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    Landscaping (contouring)

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    Need a hand with any large trees of rocks. Our bobcat can carry up to one ton in weight making easy work for large landscaping jobs. With our small profile, tight access is no problem.

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    Topsoil Finishing and Seeding

    Experts in sections prep

    We have dome hundreds of section clearing and topsoil preperperation. We have all the tools including our fast action seeding machine to get your lawn ready for the summer.

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    Post Hole Boring, Auger

    From 200mm to 650mm

    We have several sized Auger bits for tree planting to large concrete foundation poles preparation. Our post hole borning unit has extensions and the power to go 3.2m deep and 650mm diameter.

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